Massive open source win!

Now, this is good news!

The OpenChain project, (backed by The Linux Foundation) helps companies all over the world to be compliant with good practices dealing with open source. In effect, fundamentally to how they do business together within the software realm.

On December 6, 2018 – a large amount of huge players within industry made a massive joint announcement regarding this project! 

I’ve been working for over 10 years, slowly pulling my employer Scania towards this path – and now, we are there! Have a look at the map and you also see the global reach. Given the massive support, from huge players in many domains, its foreseeable that most companies will or need to follow suite, many more which I’m helping in the process.

What does this mean to you?

If you are working for a (any) software company and want to sell or do business with any openChain compliant company in the future. You need to show that your company are following the open chain standards, or, you won’t be able to business with us. The only exception will be if none of your code is open source, which in our world – is more or less impossible.

OpenChain can be seen somewhat similar to an ISO certification for software. This change, will need a transition period of course – where exceptions will be needed for sorting out proprietary mess – but we are getting there.

This framework, will in time, be affecting all software businesses. Probably all over the world. The initiative comes not from politics, but from a strong and healthy private sector and is a massive win for open source in the whole world. As the chairman of open source at Scania, and its representative within the Volkswagen group (640.000 employees), I’m more than happy to announce this message!

Now, go open source! Share this message to everyone that works with software.



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