Building the future Internet

So we have now spawned Dwellir, a company founded by a team of dreamers, technowizards, cryptocoiners and myself.

We join ranks with many others, building the future of Internet. We ride the tsunami of blockchain backed enterprises and our vision aligns with the idea of a decentralized internet, transparent, free, privacy focused, adventurous and fun.

Some details on Dwellir

The legal entity Dwellir is based in Sweden, known for a robust social and legal system. Sweden has a lagging legal framework for blockchain businesses, but we can deal with all this – as long as we don’t have to manage corruption, dictators, political revolutions and maffia.

Our markets, partners and businesses are global, so Dwellir is already operating as such. We are geared and experienced to handle this perfectly.

Dwellir spawned organically from the founders long term commitments to a free and decentralized internet, parties, hacks, adventures and laughs. It became real from grasping the opportunity to merge a few interesting projects related to the development of Internet.

We operate now multiple sites with the absolute core of functionalities needed of a blockchain infrastructure provider. That is a lot of security, availability features, performance, monitoring, development pipelines and optimizations to our operations. Its those boring things which are needed to form a foundation for future projects that needs to have all this in place.

Worth mentioning is that Dwellir doesn’t run core systems in public clouds. The massive issues with privacy and integrity associated with public clouds rhymes bad with our mission. It’s also what our community, partners and clients expects from us and which we intend to honor. We use public clouds for tests and zero exposure development where it fits well.

Dwellir is 100% financed by the original founders. That gives us a lot of freedom to build smart.

Initial days

The first steps with Dwellir was taken long ago. We spent a long time raising infrastructure, experimenting with technology around blockchains and worked up datacenters located in Sweden. Some of them are now used as “contingency plans” to secure operations long term. Later locations were intentionally established with robustness, security and privacy in mind.

Dwellir is in the business of trust so we don’t take shortcuts.

One of Dwellir’s colocation datacenters is located in Pionen. A former nuclear shelter which is not only as cool as it sounds is also known for its very privacy oriented operator. This is exactly in line with our ambitions with Dwellir.

We managed to secure a place on the Kusama 1KV network recently. It was an important preparation for the Polkadot validator program which we now prepare for. We are ready for that step and excited to get up and running.

All this hard work and preparation allows us to rely entirely on our own capabilities to support the networks going forward.

Next step

Our next up projects are directed towards a few different networks with focus on stability for our business and operation. Polkadot, Kusama and Ethereum. While there are many other interesting projects – these above mentioned are all very attractive from a Dwellir mission perspective.

  • Share our vision to decentralize the future.
  • Provide a stable enough technology baseline to continue long term survival.
  • Have an interesting enough financial upside for sustainable operations.
  • Have very strong communities which we love to be part of.

This approach should be interesting also to larger institutional players, which is what we aim for in a few years.

Future focus

Resting on stable infrastructure and technology – startup of RPC nodes for Polkadot, staking nodes for Ethereum, and continued operations on validators on Kusama are examples of stuff about to be finalised. Our capacity is high so this is all very achievable and still room for more future oriented projects which we will be able to reveal in due time.

Our development happens at the same time as we intend to shift focus towards business and finance development of Dwellir in the near future. We are about to secure a few very interesting contracts with like-minded partners which will give us even more muscles to scale up.

In the very same way as we built our technology, we are dead set to build an equally strong financial and business baseline. Our financial situation allows us to pursue the right partners which is good for Dwellir long term.

Things are looking promising at the moment, so with hard work and some luck we could see more of Dwellir raising up to become one of the significant players in the deep crypto space.

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