CIO at ImpactVision

CIO work in a cool startup like ImpactVision is diverse and challenging and contrasts alot to my previous enterprise grade experiences. Its extremely rewarding and this text is about what I currently do with ImpatVision.

As CIO, I provide the CTO and CEO with perspective and advice when trying to maintain balances between difficult issues:

  • Where to invest resources (time/money) in looking at future applications and services. These are difficult decisions, since without a secured customer demand, you always take a risk when investing in the future.
  • Making sure the company doesn’t make early mistakes in selecting proper development tools, end up in expensive infrastructure, selects bad software stacks or in other ways and up in locked-in scenarios. Lock-in kills any budget.
  • I keep track of, and assist developers of the future backend cloud service.
  • I assist the development teams with peering of work. Making sure we do not optimize too early, not over produce, avoiding feature-creeping  Etc. Skills I’ve developed over years in computer science.
  • Making sure we add the minimum of functionality to our systems that makes them to -at least some degree-  re-usable.

My work usually manifests in reading, commenting reports, discussing with company management on development, designing software and coding, preparing workshops, managing code repos, performing code reviews, talking to developers, preparing CI/CD workflows.

Perhaps more important, maintaining the company hyper spectral data in a way that it is available to our data scientists and developers is on my shoulders. Due to the nature of our data driven business – keeping this part of the operations tight and structured is key. Getting this right will enable ImpactVision able to scale exponentially with maintained low costs. If anything, this is where my over a decades experience and support from a personal network of computer engineers hopefully will pay off.

Read more on my professional life here.

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