CV of Erik Lönroth


Erik Lönroth, 1978

Contact Information


M.Sc. Computer Science  (C) – Linköpings Tekniska Högskola

High school,  Technical – Södertälje

Companies Founded/Ownership Engagements

2018 – Lonroth, LLC – R&D, computer science.

2017 – CIO, ImpactVision LLC (FoodTech, HyperSpectral Imaging)

2017 – Board member, Foodview AB, Foodtech & image analytics consultancy

1996 – Founder, ET computer – IT retailing & consultancy, Sweden

Selected Current professional and angel positions

CTO, Omnivector Solutions, PL/OR

Advisory – Lonroth LLC, Delaware

CIO – ImpactVision LLC, Silicon Valley, USA

Technology Lead for High Performance Computing – Scania CV (Sweden)

Chairman Open Source Forum – Scania CV (Sweden)

Infrastructure Architect – Scania Infrastructure

Member customer advisory board – GitHub (Sweden)

Board member – Open Source Sweden (Sweden)

Professional advisor – LIM-IT research project.

Selected Professional Accomplishments of Erik Lönroth

2017 – Landmark – Engineering the 12:th datacenter size HPC cluster for Scania.

2016 – Founded – “Open Source Forum” at ScaniaIT and introduced company wide Open Source strategy.

2005 – Achievement – Scanias first professional HPC cluster based on open source Rocks Clusters.

2004 – Academic – Tutoring artificial intelligence Technical University of Linköping (LiTH)

Current Active Technologies

  • Robotics (ROS), microcontrollers, sensor systems
  • Machine Learning, and its applications.
  • Private Cloud development and deployment using openStack, JUJU, MAAS
  • Computer Imaging – openCV, Hyper Spectral Imaging
  • Linux everything
  • Networking, ipv4, ipv6
  • Programming (python,java,c,c++,perl etc.)
  • Artistic design using Blender
  • CMS programming in Django

Selected Social, Professional, NGO Organizations

2017 – Board member – PORTEN. Channeling local citizens activities and relations with government.

2017 – Organizer – Burning Man European Leadership Summit – Stockholm

2013 – Chairman – Local Stockholm Pirate Party driving issues for Internet freedom, privacy and cultural enrichment.

Selected Awards and Honors

2013 – Award – Swedish IT Architect of the year IDG.

1995 – Award – Price from the King of Sweden for young authors against racism, Stockholm.

Selected Keynotes and Lectures

2017 – Robot Operating System Lecturing and Motor Control – Tumba/Sweden

2015 – Keynote on High Performance Computing in automotive – PRACE/Barcelona

2014 – Keynote on High Performance Computing in automotive – EMEA/Barcelona

Selected Open Source projects and participation

2017 – Board member – Open Source Sweden

2016 – Networking – IPv6 controlled flamethrower from scratch

2016 – Robotics – Prototyping and building autonomous ROS robots

2013 – Development – Bitcoin E-commerce module for Drupal

Selected Papers, Articles and Chapters

  • Open Source Systems: Towards Robust Practices: 13th IFIP WG 2.13

  • pMCMC use case for comparison between Spark and MPI
  • Master Thesis HGVbase – A database engine to search genetic variations SNP. Karolinska Institutet (2005)
  • Design and Implementation of a Database API for Genetic Variations, LITH-IDA-EX–04/043–SE 2014
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