Erik Lönroth – CV


Erik Lönroth, 1978

Contact Information


M.Sc. Computer Science  (C) – Linköpings Tekniska Högskola

High school,  Technical – Södertälje

Companies Founded/Ownership Engagements

2021 – Dwellir AB – Software infrastructure for digital autonomy and digital sovereignty.

2017 – CIO, ImpactVision LLC (FoodTech, HyperSpectral Imaging)

2017 – Board member, Foodview AB, Foodtech & image analytics consultancy

1996 – Founder, ET computer – IT retailing & consultancy, Sweden

Selected Current Professional & Angel Positions

Founder/CTO – Dwellir AB

Chairman Open Source Forum – Scania CV (Sweden)

Infrastructure Architect – Scania Infrastructure

Board member – Open Source Sweden (Sweden)

Professional advisor – LIM-IT research project on open source research in software domains.

Professional advisor – SUDO research project on open source in software domains.

Selected Professional Accomplishments

2021 – Founded Dwellir AB

2005-2022 – Technology Lead for High Performance Computing – Scania CV (Sweden)

2019 – Sold startup – ImpactVision LLC, Silicon Valley, USA

2018 – Angel advisor – Omnivector Solutions, PL/OR

2017 – Landmark – Engineering the 12:th datacenter size HPC cluster for Scania.

2017 – Customer advisory board – GitHub (Sweden)

2016 – Founded – “Open Source Forum” at ScaniaIT and introduced corporate wide Open Source strategy.

2005 – Achievement – Scanias first professional HPC cluster based on open source Rocks Clusters.

2004 – Academic – Tutoring artificial intelligence Technical University of Linköping (LiTH)

Current Active Technologies

  • Cryptocurrency infrastructure (validators, staking, security, infrastructure, private clouds)
  • Robotics, micro-controllers, sensor systems.
  • Machine Learning, and its applications.
  • Large scale Private Cloud deployment.
  • Large scale systems operations with JUJU
  • Computer Imaging technologies.
  • Linux everything.
  • Networking.
  • Programming (python,java,c,c++,perl etc.)
  • Artistic 3D design.
  • CMS programming.
  • HPC systems and their applications, MPI, SLURM, etc.

Selected Social & NGOs  

2019 – Community open source education for Edgeryders EU

2017 – Board member – PORTEN. Channeling local citizens activities and relations with government.

2017 – Organizer – Burning Man European Leadership Summit – Stockholm

2013 – Chairman – Local Stockholm Pirate Party driving issues for Internet freedom, privacy and cultural enrichment.

Selected Awards & Honors

2013 – Award – Swedish IT Architect of the year IDG.

1995 – Award – Price from the King of Sweden for young authors against racism, Stockholm.

Selected Keynotes & Lectures

2020 – Keynote Ubuntu Masters – “Mastering multicloud with SLURM and Juju“.

2019 – Fundamentals of cloud and their impact on open source software development – Stockholm/Sweden

2018 – Designing and building dynamic, hyperconverged HPC clusters – HLSR/Germany

2017 – Robot Operating System Lecturing and Motor Control – Tumba/Sweden

2015 – Keynote on High Performance Computing in automotive – PRACE/Barcelona

2014 – Keynote on High Performance Computing in automotive – EMEA/Barcelona

Selected Open Source Projects & Participation

2022 – Community lead for Juju in EU.

2019 – Maintainer of Nextcloud (private cloud) community and professional juju charm.

2018 – Development and enterprise grade infrastructure – Juju.

2017 – Board member – Open Source Sweden.

2016 – Networking & Arts – IPv6 flamethrower.

2016 – Robotics – Prototyping autonomous ROS robots.

2013 – Development – Bitcoin E-commerce.

Selected Papers, Scientific Articles & Chapters

(2022) On business adoption and use of reproducible builds for open and closed source software
Software Quality Journal
Simon Butler, Jonas Gamalielsson, Björn Lundell, Christoffer Brax,
Anders Mattsson, Tomas Gustavsson, Jonas Feist, Bengt Kvarnström, Erik Lönroth
(2021) Effective Strategies for Using Open Source Software and Open
Standards in Organizational Contexts: Experiences From the Primary and
Secondary Software Sectors
IEEE Software
DOI: 10.1109/MS.2021.3059036
Lundell, B., Butler, S., Fischer, T., Gamalielsson, J., Brax, C., Feist,
J. Gustavsson, T., Katz, A., Kvarnstrom, B., Lönroth, E., Mattsson, A.
Project (Co auth)

Open Source Systems: Towards Robust Practices: 13th IFIP WG 2.13

pMCMC use case for comparison between Spark and MPI

Master Thesis HGVbase – A database engine to search genetic variations SNP. Karolinska Institutet (2005)

Design and Implementation of a Database API for Genetic Variations, LITH-IDA-EX–04/043–SE 2014

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